Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sport Light of the Week: Larry Mizener 1950

Another Daily Eastern News article that was focused on Larry Mizener:
Mayan, Jack (Oct. 4, 1950). "Sport Light of the Week." Daily Eastern News. Eastern Illinois University. p.6.

Although the Air Force and the Navy receive a great deal of credit for winning wars, it is generally conceded that it is the ground forces which actually turn the tide of battles by going in and conquering enemy lands.

Sophomore Class Officers (1949 Warbler)
This axiom can be compared to the wars of the gridiron where passing is certainly a highly important weapon, but even so the real power of a team is measured by the yardage gained from the line of scrimmage.

1949 Warbler
Eastern’s rushing power was exemplified in the Ball State game by hard-charging Larry Mizener of Lisle, Illinois. All Larry did in the game was to pick up 95 yards in only 13 ball carrying attempts. Almost any fourth grader can tell you that “Mize” averaged better than seven yards per carry which is something to be proud of. Larry must have been proud of his performance as he rated it his biggest sport thrill, along with getting revenge from the Ball Staters for their 47 to 13 rout of Eastern in “49.”

Junior Class Officers (Warbler 1950)
Larry is trying for his third varsity football letter this season, besides his activities in the Varsity club and in Phi Sigma Epsilon fraternity. Now in his senior year, Larry hasn’t let any grass grow under his feet while at Eastern. He was elected class president in both is sophomore and junior years.

Physical Education majors are not uncommon on Eastern’s athletic squads, but PE majors with speech correction minors are not to frequent. Larry picked this curriculum with an eye towards coaching with a speech correction sideline.

Phi Sigma Epsilon (Warbler 1950)
Larry attended Downers Grove high school where he lettered three times in both football and track. In the latter, “Mize” was a high hurdler.

Most of Larry’s spare time is taken up by his job at the Ko-op, but he likes to play golf occasionally. Although “Mize” has been called in for his Army physical, he is ranked in the upper half of his class so he is hoping for a deferment.
Ad in Eastern State News (Oct. 08 1947)

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Larry Mizener: EIU '47-1951

Another article and photos from the EIU archives - The Keep:

Howard, Juanita (Mar. 30, 1955) “Larry Prefers Selling Food to Teaching.” Eastern State News, p. 3

Warbler 1951: Larry Mizener "Who's Who"

Larry Mizener, manager of the “Ko-Op” and former graduate of Eastern, took time out between coke orders to give us a tunnel view of his past history.

"Mize" 1951

Larry is originally from Lisle, a township located 22 miles southwest of Chicago. A pep talk from his high school football coach was in part responsible for his enrollment at Eastern in 1947.

 Senior Class President

He majored in P.E. and played halfback on the football team. After working at the “Ko-Op” during his four years in school, Larry side tracked his ambition to become a high school coach and continued his work here.

1951 Class Officers

Perhaps his sincere interest in people, which is shown by his work in the Moose club, is responsible for his decision to stay in Charleston. Larry employs college students who are from ‘Mooseheart’, a city where the children of deceased Moose club members are provided for by other members of the club.

Phi Sigma Epsilon (Mize, top right)

He is an alumnus of Phi Sigma Epsilon social fraternity, and is married to the former Mildred Jean Carr, also an Eastern graduate. They have one daughter who is 20 months old.

During the summer months, Larry runs “Walt’s” which is kept open for the benefit of the summer school students.

1951 Warbler photo

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

EIU Campus Hangouts

I have been searching Eastern's online archives, The Keep, for information related to the Ko-Op. This posting is my first installment - an article written by Jack Ryan in October of 1957 in the Daily Eastern News. Note that I have not made any corrections, especially in punctuation - have tried to leave the article exactly as published. In the coming months, I will share other articles from the archives.

Ryan, Jack (Oct. 2, 1957). "Eastern’s Campus Hangouts". Daily Eastern News; p4.

In the everlasting tradition of college campus hangouts Eastern takes a backseat to no one. From sitting on the benches watching all the girls go by to jiving it up at a little campus jam session the student clientele spends its carefree hours of relaxation.

On three sides of the campus proper the students are accommodated by the Little Campus, Ko-Op, and Walts (commonly called the Open).

A history of the Ko-Op, Little Campus, and the Open consists also of the history of Walter Warmoth.

“Walt” bought the Little Campus in 1937, after having worked there during his school days. With the increase in enrollment, Walt soon had to build an additional room to accommodate its student patrons.

The converting of a grocery store to establish the Ko-Op soon followed, serving sandwiches, fountain goods, and hot meals.

When Lincoln and Douglas halls were erected, ‘Walt’ saw the need for one more “hangout” for the Eastern students, so, in 1953, he built the Open which has since become another favorite spot for the coke crowd to assemble.

Under the proprietorship of Ivan “Ike” Kennard, the “Little Campus” has become one of the most popular meeting places on campus. ‘Ike’. a navy pilot in the second world war, took over the “Little Campus” in 1948.

Also under the proprietorship of an Eastern graduate Larry Mizener, the Ko-Op is growing in popularity among Eastern students. Larry received his B.S. at Eastern and took over the Ko-Op in 1952.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

You Know You're From Charleston Illinois When....

Some of you that are on Facebook might enjoy following the posted information at this site (Click on the Link that follows):
You Know You're From Charleston Illinois When....

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Not Many Photographs from 'Back in the Day'

Most of us did not have a camera, many of us did not make it to sessions scheduled for the Warbler yearbook, so photographs of our undergrad college years are rare. Recently Deb Mizener Beckrich sent me this one below. I believe that her dad, Larry Mizener, took it in 1967 inside the Short Stop. Neither Deb or I can remember the name of the girl standing beside me; she worked at the Short Stop. I may be way off, but I think that she was a relative (Younger sister perhaps) of Charleston lawyer, Woody Kramer, originally from Villa Grove? Deb thinks her first name might be Pamela or Sue?

Anyone else have a photo that they could share?

I have no idea of what I had going on with that apron fold . . .

Friday, October 06, 2017

Cruise and Compare

Take a car ride around Chucktown - on the left: a video published by Mike Popham of his cruise of December 4, 1985 and on the right: a video created by J. Thomas Evans & A. Due of a more recent ride on December 31, 2016. Click on the URL below to view the video clips side by side:

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Update from Carl and Judy Nosbisch

After spending most of Sept in 3 different hospitals, I am home. Over the past years I have had surgery on my right hip 5 times. This time I fell on some wet grass and broke my right femur in two places right above the knee (same leg as my hip replacement), and also broke my ankle in 2 places.

First I was in Delnor Hospital....transported to Northwestern Hospital in Chicago where surgery was done.....10 1/2 hours. After a week then I was transported to Marion Joy Hospital in Wheaton for another 2 weeks and 3 days for rehab. Recovery is going to be a long road for the next few months.

First pic was in Delnor getting ready to move me to Chicago. Second pic is with a cast. Third pic is with my wonderful boot.....try sleeping with that has to been on all the time. I do get to take it off when I shower.

Hopes for Carl's continued recovery and getting back on his feet as soon as possible.