Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ko-Op Konnections (706 Lincoln, Charleston)

     Welcome to a blogsite for posting information about the Ko-Op Cafe and Short-Stop Drive-In; both located on or near corners of 7th and Lincoln in Charleston, Illinois.
     The Ko-Op was a cafeteria-style establishment that catered mainly to students, faculty, and staff of Eastern Illinois University. The Short-Stop was built and opened in the mid Sixties and was a faster-food establishment that also served EIU students and the larger Charleston community. Both businesses were operated by the Larry and Jean Mizener family.
      Today the Ko-Op building is used for activites of a neighboring church, and the Short-Stop is now a Domino's Pizza business. The former Mizener residence (located on the third corner of the intersection) is a Christian bookstore.
      I invite former workers and customers of both establishments to re-introduce themselves, post their memories here, and reconnect to friends and co-workers from their EIU days.
     Myself, I worked at both the Ko-Op and Short-Stop from November 1964 until graduating from EIU in August 1968. You can visit my profile section here to learn more . . .
Larry Johnson

Updated information (Fall 2011): Son, Benjamin tells me that an eating establishment of some kind is now operating in the old Ko-Op location. Have to check that out the next time I am in 'Chucktown.'