Friday, November 30, 2012

"Eddie" Brown, today that's Dr. Edward & Pastor

Another fellow worker from undergrad college days is Edward Brown (We addressed him as Ed or Eddie). Ed worked at the Short Stop Drive-In (Northwest corner of 7th and Lincoln). During my junior year, I moved back and forth - - worked some hours at the Ko-Op and some across the intersection at the Short Stop. By the time I entered my senior year, I worked mainly at the Short Stop.

(Click photo to enlarge) Edward Brown (2nd row, 3rd from left) 1967 EIU Warbler.
Bob Warnsley who worked at the Ko-Op is also in the group.
Edward and I were both industrial arts education majors, and we had one or two classes together. We shared several work hours at the Short Stop; he was an energetic and fun co-worker - had a great laugh. During our senior year, we both student taught at Mattoon High School. We rode together, back and forth from Charleston during that Winter quarter (Late Nov. 1967 to early Mar. 1968); we were out a few days after a brown recluse spider infestation was discovered in the service tunnel / crawl space. Ed graduated in the Spring of 1968 and began a teaching career in Chicago.

Edward Brown (1968 Warbler yearbook photograph)

Edward later graduated from Chicago State University with a Master's degree in education. He also earned both a Masters of Divinity degree and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, specializing in pastoral care of the congregation. Ed was formerly the assistant pastor of the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois.

These days Dr. Edward C. Brown, Jr. is the senior pastor of the Skokie Valley Baptist Church in Wilmette, Illinois. Edward loves preaching (Listen to a recent sermon at the church's website) and teaching God's Word and has been privileged to preach in many pulpits across the nation and in two countries in Africa. Ed is married, and he and his wife, Diana, have one adult daughter, Camille.

March 2018
I recently revisited the church website for Skokie Valley Baptist Church (Wilmette, IL) and noticed that Ed was no longer listed as their Senior Pastor. He has retired.

In checking for information online, I discovered this article (A great story of his experiences):

Hurtado, Allison, The Skokie Story: The Bumpy, Rewarding Road to Diversity. Converge MidAmerica.