Sunday, July 01, 2012

June 2012: Forty Plus Years

From reports received from P-nuts (Ken) Lowry and 'E.J.' (John) Ganley, the recent get-together of five former Ko-Op workers of the Sixties was a rousing good time. Lots of catching up, reminiscing, and great stories of back-in-the-day were shared. They also provided these photos:

L to R: Lyle Mowery, Ken 'P-nuts' Lowry, Russ White, Gary 'Mongoose' Cook and E.J. Ganley
Seems appropriate, fitting that the guys are standing in the parking lot underneath the two windows of the 'Bahamas' room. If those walls could talk, they would tell some great stories - - some would be true and some might be slightly exaggerated.

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Attending the mini-reunion were Lyle Mowery (Ames, IA and St. Louis Park, MN), Ken and Mary Lowry (Toledo, IL), Russ and Cindy White (Bonfield, IL), Gary and Becky Cook (Buford, GA) and John and Dianna Ganley (West Monroe, LA).

They ate lunch at Dirty's Bar and Grill, the food establishment that is currently housed in the old Ko-Op building. After lunch they moved to Roc's ('Black Front') and sat on the back deck.

The group met for the evening and had dinner at The Stadium Grill in Mattoon.

Thanks guys for the report and the great photographs. It's apparent to me that all of you had a good time. I'm sorry that I missed this one, but for sure we have to get together again - before another 40 years. Here's to good times and safe travels. And if any of you ever get out West to south central Utah, you have a place to stay near Teasdale! Johnse