Saturday, April 09, 2016

Domino's Pizza to Return to the Short Stop Location

The original Short Stop Drive-in was named by Marty Pattin a few years before he was pitching for the Kansas City Royals. And a couple of decades later, the Short Stop (Built and opened in Spring 1966) on the northwest corner of 7th and Lincoln closed. The building was remodeled and opened as a Domino's Pizza. In 2012 after year's of lackluster business, it too closed. Now new owner's have purchased the property from William Warmoth (Son of Donna and Walt) and are planning to demolish the old 'Short Stop' building and replace it with a new Domino's operation.

Ironic that the old Short Stop building will be taken down by Drake Excavating and Construction. I believe that this business is owned and operated by family members of Steve Drake of Drake Homes, who worked at the Short Stop for a year or so when he was in high school.

Read more at an article in the Journal Gazette / Times Courier (Charleston & Mattoon) newspaper: Domino's Pizza Business to Return to Charleston after Years of Absence.


Don said...

I was unaware that Marty named the Short Stop. I worked there in 1972-73.

Don said...

BTW Marty was the starting, and winning, pitcher for the Seattle Pilots in their first ever game in Anaheim against California. The Pilots only lasted one season here (1969) before they moved to Milwaukee to become the Brewers. The Mariners finally brought baseball back in 1977. Here is a great article on him from a few years back: